Captain Amarinder Singh
Captain Amarinder Singh’s life has been dedicated to serving Punjab, it’s people, and this great country. Whenever the time came, Captain put everything aside and stood in our interest. He gave up his retirement from the Army and fought in the Pakistan War and saved Amritsar from siege; he gave up his seat in the parliament and resigned from his party in protest against Operation Blue Star; in his time as CM he went against his own party’s government in the centre and terminated the Water sharing agreement to safeguard Punjab’s waters. Captain has always put Punjab’s interest before his own; no wonder Punjab has seen some of its best years with Captain as its leader.

Re-joined the Army in 1965 as a Captain, when it hostilities with Pakistan broke out.

First elected to the Lok Sabha in 1980.

Resigned from Parliament and from Congress as a protest against the Army action during Operation Blue Star. Subsequently he joined the Shiromani Akali Dal and was elected to the state legislature from Talwandi Sabo and became a minister in the state government for Agriculture, Forest, Development and Panchayats.

Elected as President of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee.

Elected Chief Minister of Punjab.

Chairman of Punjab Congress Campaign Committee.

He defeated senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley by a margin of more than 1,02,000 votes in 2014 general elections. Member of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha for five terms representing Patiala (Urban) thrice, Samana and Talwandi Sabo once each.

Elected as President of Punjab Congress in the run up to Punjab elections slated for 2017.

Coffee With Captain is a unique platform for the youth of Punjab where they can interact with Captain Amarinder Singh over a cup of Coffee and discuss their ideas on how to bring back the heydays of Punjab

To be a part of the CWC event,

  • You can register with us as a college captain and someone from the team will get in touch with you with more details.
  • Attend the event in your area and ask a question or give your suggestions to Captain on issues that are close to your heart.
  • If you want the CWC team to come to your college you can leave us a message here.

Nine years of misrule by the incumbent government has not only brought on a socio-economic disarray in Punjab, but has also robbed people of their confidence in their government – in its ability & its intent to ensure their welfare.

Through the HVC program, Captain seeks to rebuild people’s faith in democratic governance and instill in them the confidence that no matter how big or small, personal or institutional – addressing people’s concerns will the priority of Captain’s government in its first 100 days. By adopting this people’s first form of governance, Captain will be making the citizens of Punjab, for the very first time, an active participant/stakeholder in setting the agenda for their government.


We, the Doctors and Students of Gian Sagar Medical College raised the issue of our administration at Coffee with Captain, Patiala. Our salaries weren’t released, the teachers went on strike, our classes were on hold and the students were suffering and losing half a year of their degree. We raised out issues to Captain who right after the event spoke to the administration, Our salaries were released, the strike was called off and the classes resumed. We are glad we went to Captain. If you have a problem, you should too!

Dr. Sandeep, Gian Sagar Medical College